Visit Booking Request Submitted

We have received your booking request to visit your loved one/s at our facility.   

If visits numbers are exceeded for the day of your request we will contact you on the number / email provided.

Please follow Coolibah’s sign in processes and answer the screening questions. 

If you are visiting with a person who is not a registered visitor, all evidence of COVID and flu vaccinations will need to be provided.

Visitor Information:

The directive from the WA Government for hospitals, aged and disability care facilities is:

  • Visitation at residential aged care facilities, residential disability care facilities and hospitals limited to 2 visitors per patient/resident per day
  • All visitors to the residential facility will need to declare that they have recorded a negative self-conducted RAT  test within the 72 hours prior to your visit. 
  • Exemptions apply for compassionate reasons

Keypad access

Keypad access – from the main door only – has been removed.   An exit code will be issued of you are leaving past 4.30pm.

Weekend visitors will be issued a one-off pin code for their visit.  A new pin-code will be sent on Friday afternoon to those with pre booked visits

Wearing your mask correctly helps prevent the spread of COVID

Wearing your mask correctly – covering your nose and mouth – when you are with your loved one (at all times) is the best way to help prevent the spread of COVID in the facility.

Please remember that residents do not wear masks.

As most residents do not leave the facility, visitors coming in from the community and following the correct mask protocol will keep your loved one, and other peoples loved ones, much safer.



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