To protect ALL residents, staff and visitors during this time Coolibah have procedures in place for visiting a resident at Coolibah.

We recommend keeping visits brief and we understand that some people will elect to continue to not visit to reduce the risk to themselves and residents.

Pre Book your Visit/s:

  • Visits are weekdays.
  • Maximum of 2 visitors per resident, for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Maximum of 2 visits per week.

  • Influenza vaccination record is to be provided to Coolibah. You cannot enter the facility without it.
  • Your temperature will be checked on arrival

Please note: there may be waiting periods to allow for other visitors, therefore come prepared to be waiting outside.


Please select the area to book:

Hodge – Rooms 82 to 110

Wardle Tanner Court – Rooms 33 to 79

Beveridge Tuckey – Rooms 111 to 131

Lane House

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